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Ethan gulped as he nervously tapped against his desk. Today was the day. He was tired of chickening out at the last second, tired of having his mouth dry when he unexpectedly ran into her. Tired of being out of his element, losing control. Today was the day he was going to prove to himself that he had all the confidence he needed. Today he was going to do something with Juliet Starling.

Ethan cautiously and subtly turned his head to catch a glimpse of the lovely cheerleader. Blue eyes, blonde hair and impossibly pink lips curved in a smile was the vision that filled his eyes. “Heya Ethan, need something?” Juliet winked at him as he struggled to close his mouth, words fading into non-existent as they made the trip from his brain to his mouth. Ethan bit his lip as Juliet kept looking in his direction expectantly . Ethan cursed himself for freezing again as Juliet delicately adjusted her skirt from showing too much.

Juliet Starling was what every girl wanted to be. Beautiful, smart, talented and well loved, Juliet was San Romero's unofficial mascot. She was kind every person she met. She was ruthless to bullies. She set the standards for fashion. She was miss popular for 3 years running (Despite never officially running). Juliet was everything in one sexy, gorgeous package. Which made it very surprising that she wasn't dating anyone. No matter who asked, from the strongest jock to the smartest nerd, no one had ever gotten a yes from Juliet Starling. Of course she was too sweet to harshly reject anyone but it was pretty hard to not to call yourself a loser if Juliet didn't want to date you.

Still, Ethan aimed high. Well liked but no where near as popular as Juliet, Ethan couldn't stop but admire her beauty and personality. Of course he never asked her out or any girl for that matter simply due to his itch. An itch he could never, never scratch. Ethan felt the urge to dominate a girl. You know, bondage, humiliation etc etc. At first he felt terrible when he discovered this aspect of this mind but eventually he learned to bury it into the deepest recesses of his mind. Then he saw Juliet and for some reason, was overcome with the urge to ask her on a date and tie her up. Ethan hadn't the slightest clue where this urge came from but it was some kind of crazy vibe. He had to do it for some reason and nothing, nothing was going to stop him. Except talking....and the police.

At first, Ethan was just going to give up. Him tying up the most popular, well loved girl ever? Hell dating didn't even seem realistically plausible. But Ethan stumbled upon a whisper. A whisper that echoed everywhere from the library to gym: Every guy wanted Juliet. Every boy whispered what he would do to her if she was in their grasp. Then an idea formed. An idea so crazy that Ethan was sure the only way to pull it off was utter confidence and something he wasn't: commanding.

Ethan eyed Juliet's outfit appreciatively. While she did own other forms of clothing, she seemed to prefer her home game cheerleading outfit complete blue and purple clothing and leg warmers. As Ethan continued to drink in Juliet in all her glory, Juliet mentally chuckled at Ethan stunned response to her. Every time he saw her, she could see the effect she had on him. Not her clothes, her. That's why she loved to randomly show up and surprise, just catch that look in his face and glint in his eye. Juliet felt a shiver down her spine every time she saw the glint in Ethan. The thing she has been searching for a very long time. The glint that no guy before him has ever had in their eye. So maybe, just maybe Juliet has been slowly trying to force Ethan to let go of his fears. A subtle turn and flash of her panties here, a wink there, unnecessarily getting to close and accidentally touching his hand once in a while. Anything to cause him to unleash his other, hidden side onto her.

Ethan decided no more games. No more waiting. Today was going to get what was his! Ethan took a deep breath, eying Juliet once more for inspiration and said in the a nervous voice “Hey Juliet, I heard today is Cheerleader Appreciation Day. Is that true?” Juliet shivered visibly “Hey are you okay?” Ethan asked, a little worried. Juliet smiled encouragingly “Of course Ethan. I'm me. Why wouldn't I be?” God that was too hot for Juliet to handle. The utter confidence and steel Ethan spoke with? Sent her mind reeling. Ethan nodded in agreement before keeping on track with his plan “well, is it true?” Juliet had to stop from leaping onto him. His tone was not asking her, he was telling her it was true and she should agree. The form of a question was just to throw other people off. “Umm I think so. I'm not really sure, you know?” “Well I like to show my appreciation for you Juliet. Want to spend lunch with me?” Ethan tried to mentally nudge her into agreeing: He did not think he had the strength to try this again. Outside Juliet seemed very conflicted about his question. Inside, she knew there wasn't a choice. Not really. “hee okay Ethan!” The bell rang just in time “Lead the way”

Ethan smiled as he offered his arm to her and like a true lady, Juliet took it with a giggle. As Ethan began leading her down the hall, his grip on his backpack tight, he could feel the hate from the other guys in the school. Each of them staring daggers into the back of his head. Ethan didn't care and smiled cheekily at his rivals as Juliet clung to his arm. They would get their turn but he was first. End of story.

“In here Juliet” Ethan murmured as he held open the door for her. Juliet gave him an encouraging and knowing smile as she willingly walked into the room “Thank you Ethan!” Her heart beat began to race when she realized she was in that room. No one knew what was that room's original purpose but now it was just an empty room that just was here. An empty, soundproof room with some bolted pad locks on the floor. Juliet could feel herself getting excited but she needed to know how much of a man Ethan really was. After all, to tame a wild girl, you have to show you have what it takes to own that girl.

“ what are we doing here Ethan?” Juliet asked quizzically, not one ounce of fear. She didn't want to scare him off after all. “Cheerleader Appreciation Day of course Juliet. Now, on all fours and face away from the door.” Julie bit her lip as he hands found her shoulders and gently yet commandingly forced her to her knees. Juliet was originally plan to poke and prod, resist him for a bit to see how long he could hold out. She never dreamed in a million years that she would be the one that folded first and so quickly too. Juliet fell to her knees, turning red when he patted her head as if she was some sort of pet. “I said all fours Juliet. Now” his tone was soft. Juliet wasted no time, placing her hands in front of her and leaning forward, well aware she could feel him eying her body appreciatively. “Now stay still, like a good girl, while I set up everything.”

It took everything Juliet had not to beg and moan as he began putting restraints on her wrists and ankles, his fingers clearly wandering across her skin, sending sparks through her body as his fingers brushed too close to off limit areas. When he stepped in front of her, her face just inches away from his zipper, she was overcome with the urge to reach for it with her mouth when Ethan bent over and began chaining her to the pad locks on the floor. Juliet did not how long he was preparing to do this or how many times he had done but he knew what he was doing. Within seconds, she was completely immobile and completely at his mercy. The chains tightly pulling against her restraints as she tested if she could break out of them.

Ethan took a step back and whistled at Juliet who was forced to lift her head to see even see her captor. “Ethan” She muttered breathlessly. Ethan simply gave her the most cocky smile she had ever seen as he slipped a blindfold over her eyes. Juliet began panting, her desire boiling to uncontrollable heights. “It's time to appreciate you Juliet. The most beautiful” Juliet gasped in delight as one of her pigtails was roughly pulled “Sexiest” the other pigtail was pulled even harder and Juliet moaned loudly “Hottest and most hard working cheerleader ever”

Juliet's mouth ran dry as Ethan lifted her skirt slowly, the fabric pressing her against her skin as Ethan kept lifting it higher and higher. A finger softly began brushing her tight ass and traced a line down her thigh, down the back of her leg before flicking her ass cheek. “Such a tight ass” Ethan muttered as he began lightly pinching it between his index finger and thumb “And your legs are just as tight. You worked hard for this body huh Juliet?” “Yes sir! Very hard, no one understands how much work it takes to get a body like this and no one properly appreciates it either” Juliet didn't know why she called him sir but she loved how it rolled off of her tongue. “I do. I've admire your body this whole time” he patted her ass but the way Juliet jumped seemed to imply she was expecting something rougher. He smirked even though he knew she couldn't see “This is an amazing body. One that looks good in everything. After all the body makes the clothes look good, not the other way around” Ethan spanked her as hard as she could and Juliet let out a loud YES!

Juliet could his hear his footsteps to the side of her, her skirt falling back into place as his hands began roaming her chest. “Juliet” Juliet shivered when she realized she could feel his breath against her cheek, his lips barely touching her ear “Y-yes sir?” “How do you like this?” Juliet let out a breathless moan as he sneaked his fingers under her bra and began rubbing her. She couldn't stop herself from letting out half shrieks, incomplete gasps and moans as Ethan began pinching and pulling and rubbing between his fingers. Juliet could feel herself getting wetter each second and her hips began bucking against air as he kept tormenting her, playing with her more roughly each second. She was surprised that as one hand worked under bra, the other began exploring the rest of her. His hand cupped her ass again (and maybe a few more times after), softly running his fingers down her tight toned stomach, her neck. Ethan seemed eager to touch all of her, to touch every inch of her body in total appreciation on how much she worked on it as if he would never have another chance to do so again. She could faintly hear the sound of clicks and realized he was taking pictures of this amazing event in his life. Juliet moaned, louder and louder until she couldn't hold it in any more and screamed at the top of her lungs “TOUCH ME SIR!” For a moment, his touch receded and she let out a whine. Then she felt his fingers rub against her panties and she lost it. She just exploded. The next minute or so was a daze as Juliet could hear herself panting loudly. She had always heard of the other girls talking about how amazing it felt to get pushed that far but to feel it first hand was addicting. Juliet could feel herself shaking. She never shook. Juliet body was sensitive and she randomly buckled wildly as the air itself seemed to rev her up. “S...sir?” Juliet asked meekly as she struggled to keep herself from going wild again.

“So...sir...” she panted as Ethan inched closer to her “Did you appreciate your own personal cheerleader?” There was no answer as Ethan kissed her. She let out a surprised epp! Before melting into the kiss. As far as she knew he had never been with anyone but he must have because he was way too good at this to be natural. His lips felt soft against her as he began nibbling her bottom lips causing her to moan which was the wrong course of action. His tongue slid into her mouth and she couldn't help it when her tongue met his in earnest. Every second of this was too good to be true and Juliet hoped he had one last thing he wanted to record.

As Ethan pulled away from Juliet, Juliet out a frustrated sigh. Before Juliet could voice her complaint, she could hear the quiet unzipping of his pants in front of her face. Juliet bit her lips: she had thought never Ethan would ever go that far. Most guys just wanted to talk to her. Some guys wanted to be with her. But Ethan wanted her. Just her. She alone drove him to this point. His gaze never once glanced at another girl as he shone love and desire at her. He wanted everything she had to offer and she couldn't help but offer it freely. After all, he was the only one confident enough to touch every inch of her body, something that no one had never been done before. Ethan's footsteps seemed loud as it slid against her upper lip, placing it just under her nose. She tried not to drool as she took in the smell as deeply as she could. “Ready for a lollipop?” Ethan said as it moved to just in front of her mouth. She couldn't help but answer with a grin “I love lollipops” and as it slid into her mouth. She sucked on it earnestly, determined to enjoy every second of this pleasurable captivity. She had no idea what she was doing but telling by Ethan's grunts and it being pushed in deeper and deeper, she knew she was doing a great job. She decided to use everything she could: She gently raked her teeth against her favorite lollipop, swirl her tongue around it as much as she could and gently tapped the top with her tongue.

It wasn't too surprising when Ethan couldn't handle her anymore and a new taste filled her mouth. She eagerly ate as much as she could before she let go of her lollipop with a satisfying pop. Juliet felt so content. Finally someone dared to touch her, someone dared to climb the mountain that the world placed her on and say “You're just a girl”“Gonna let me go now?” Juliet asked smugly, certain he was spent. “Nope!” Ethan replied cheerfully as he reached into his backpack. “No?” Juliet asked, utterly confused. “You see it's Cheerleader Appreciation Day. I went first and I'm going to finish up. But in the meantime.” Juliet took in a deep breath as he roughly grabbed her pigtails and began tying a rope around each them “The rest of the school hasn't had their chance.” Juliet grinned happily “Is that so? I best not disappoint the AH!” Ethan pulled on the rope as he tied the ropes against the door handle, the ropes pulling Juliet's hair as long as the door was closed. Juliet moaned in pleasure as her hair was roughly pulled “Now do a good job and I'll give you a nice reward got it Juliet?” Juliet nodded eagerly, the ropes pulling harder each time she bobbed her head “YES SIR!” Ethan smiled at the sight in front of him and simply said “That's my girl”

Juliet would love to say the other guys who managed to stumble upon her were just as amazing as Ethan. But she be lying and she doubt Ethan would approve of her lying. Each guy acted like she was on the mountain. The constant hair pulling was such a turn on and she let out a gasp every time the door opened, causing the ropes to slack before roughly pulling on her again. Then, with a cheerful voice, she would call to her viewers “Happy Cheerleader Appreciation Day! Please enjoy the cheerleader!” at the very least there were pictures taken though Juliet knew it was for private collections. No one had the guts to post them or show them off. Then most people began feeling her butt though very few gave her a good spank or pinch. Those braver would then inch their way closer, eying her chest and a select few would fondle her roughly. But that was it. No one dared to go in front and give her their lollipop due to the fear the blindfold somehow coming off. She sighed in disappointment but that quickly turned to a smile as Ethan's voice appeared behind her as the door opened “So, ready for round two?”

1 week later.

“Thank you all for coming!” Juliet shouted to the crowd of students that were crowding the gym. Each guy looked vastly annoyed that they were forced to be at the school at 6 at night but the sight of Juliet made it almost worth it. Still, everybody was surprised when Ethan what's his last name asked Juliet to be his girlfriend and she agreed! While many guys thought it was stupid that Ethan would buy her food or brought her flowers on Monday, walk with her as close to her close as he could or even randomly danced with her when she randomly began to get her groove on, every girl was jealous but Juliet simply replied “He's mine. Hands off” Still Juliet had mentioned she had a surprise for the newly official Cheerleader Appreciation Day. 3 bucks to get into a gym though, was a high price and the guys grumbled it better be worth it. Though two muffled and strange movements coming from two sheets on stage raised questions on what exactly Juliet had plan to give them.

“Now you know our cheerleaders are amazing right!” a loud cheer came up from the group “But you don't appreciate them. Now, now don't deny it!” Juliet stared at all them and suddenly most felt guilty. Though they hadn't the slightest idea why. They just felt that way. “We cheerleaders work hard! We try our hardest and we tone our bodies for you! Now for you to truly appreciate, here are our two newest recruits. Show them how much you love our team!” With a curtsy and flick of her wrist, the two sheets were uncovered them.

Every jaw dropped as the two legendary symbols of sexy and hot (aside Juliet were on all fours, helpless: the new foreign exchange students Saya Takagi and Saeko Busujima. Each had been chained to the floor, on all fours while Juliet unveiled a third surprise. The guys eyes widen upon realizing Juliet had wheeled out a cart full of duct tape, makers and other, non school friendly devices. Juliet, with the widest grin she could muster, geastured to the seemingly bored Saeko and vivid, raging inducing Saya “Now I'm counting you boys make these two understand how much San Romero loves its cheerleaders!” Everyone couldn't help but shout back out “Yes Juliet!” “I don't know who you think you are Starling” Saya began but Juliet quickly tugged at her pink pigtails roughly. “Make sure you really work over Saya, she can be quite the bitch!” Juliet gave the girl a light spank but that was the too far for the guys.

Without warning, the guys rushed the stage, eager to truly enjoy the two newest cheerleaders. Juliet happily skipped away as the guys began pawing and fondling the two girls. “Oww! Hey that's my butt! Stop pinching. I'm going to remember every single one of your faces and mmph!” Saya eyes widen as someone had slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth as someone spanked her ass. “There, finally she can keep quiet!” One of the closer guys muttered as began fondle her breasts through her clothing. Saya let out a wail of pleasure but no one paid her attention having confused it for an angry shout for help. Saeko seemed to enjoy the attention more, flipping her hair wildly as the boys began pulling her hair roughly. “That's right!” She snarled with a grin in her face “You better enjoy me all you want because I'm going to get even with you!” some guys fainted right there from the out look of pure happiness on Saeko's face. Saeko glared at them before melting into a moan as the guys pulled her hair roughly and began exploring her body. The two girls were too busy in their pleasure and pain to notice that one guy had lifted up their skirts and written in permanent marker “Property of San Romero students” on their ass cheeks. “These is going to be the best year ever!” A member of the AV club shouted over the ruckus as he filmed the girls humiliation and desecent into willing bondage “and Juliet said every month a new cheerleader is going to help out! I wonder whose next week?” “Who cares Enjoy these two while we can! This events for 3 hours!”

Juliet was smiled, knowing these two were fully willing to be in the cheer team if this is what awaited them. After all, Saya humping air as the students taunted her about speaking up and Saeko evil yet somehow hot sadistic glare seemed to drive these guys wild. Not her guy luckily. Juliet smiled fondly, thinking which girl to introduce next mont: Kitty Pryde or the sisters Anna and Elsa? Juliet became too caught up in enjoying the sight of her future squad members being manhandled and groped by the unruly mob to notice the feel of cold steel against her skin. It wasn't until her hands were forced behind her and the handcuffs snap shut, biting tightly against her wrists did she realized what happened. Before she could react, she felt someone gripped her hair roughly and whispered “Hello Juliet” Juliet out a breathy moan, leaning forward forcing her captor to grip her hair tighter to prevent her from escaping. Shivers bolted through her body as Juliet let out a satisfied “oooh” while she pressed her ass against her captor's jeans. “Now be a good girl and come this way” the voice told her with a predatory growl, she bit her lip and meekly replied “Yes sir”

The figure turned her away from the stage, leading her into the darkness of backstage. Juliet cast her gaze backwards and saw, despite having been just a few feet from the mob of students, no one had seen her being taken away. Juliet let out an excited squeal which earned her a spank from her captor. She bit her lip even harder: Kidnapping her in front of an entire gym of people? SO HOT! “Almost there Juliet. You have a few hours to kill don't you? It doesn't matter” he cut her off before she managed to answer and simply replied with a small “Of course sir.”

Her captor gently released his grip on her prompting a small whine from Juliet. He chuckled before unlocking the practice room door hidden deep in the maze of the school. She says practice room but in reality, it belonged to a single person just like she did. He pushes her forward, not so rough that she would trip but enough to let her know how impatient he was getting. Juliet tumbled forward, arching her back and rising her ass just enough so he could catch a glimpse of her purple panties. “Peeked, didn't you?” she giggled and winked. He answered with another spank. Juliet out a loud moan, knowing soundproof the room was. Juliet fell onto of the mattress that lay there, on her knees, the very picture of a submissive person. She was very grateful he had gotten the most comfy bed ever just for her. She glanced around the room and let out a roaring “YES!” she was surrounded by countless sexy toys, so many that she didn't think it was possible her boyfriend could afford them. “All these for me?” Juliet asked happily, Ethan replied “Of course. I got the sweetest, kindest, hottest and kinkiest girlfriend ever. I think spoiling you a bit is the least I can do. Besides, today is the day.” Juliet grinned mischievously “First time we...?” he nodded and Juliet let another cute giggle “Well then I can't exactly stop you from taking what's yours this time can I?” she muttered in a sexy tone as she lay back against the bed, cuffs properly preventing her arms from stopping her boyfriend from going all the way. She had stopped him the night before and she could tell he was eager to further their relationship. “Happy Cheerleader Appreciation Day!” she cheered out, Ethan winked “It's happy Juliet Appreciation Day and that's every day” “Show me sir” And the last thing Juliet knew before having the first of night of the best relationship ever was the click of the lights and the sound of a zipper being pulled down.
Cheerleader Appreciation day!
Hello DA. I am still alive. Somehow. anyway this is a new story, just finished and requested by who has awesome stories of his own. I might make this a new thing like Cheerleader Appreciation Day (October) but for now it is a one shot with my favorite fictional girl Juliet! So sit back, enjoy (It gets intense but I'm hoping i was vague enough not to get caught be DA) and enjoy. All characters over 18. Also don't like, don't read and don't report me. Please be cool man.

the above link is access to some of the greatest sailor moon bondage ever. it is free, did not give me any viruses that i know of and has a nice collection. Now at least half of it is pretty graphic bondage kinkiness so heads up but overall it i good. however i do not know what happened to the webmaster...i know he was in ill health and one day he just never came back. so if u like sailor moon bondage check up the link up top


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